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A space to explore and develop your creative guitar playing

About Creative Guitar Cafe

The Creative Guitar Cafe is set up to help you on the way to finding a way to playing the guitar that you are happy with whilst enforcing the rudiments of good technique, rhythm and playing.  


About David

I'm really excited to be developing this website to allow me to share everything I know about how to develop your guitar playing. I have always loved the guitar, writing music and improvising. I've been lucky with some great teachers who's advice I will also try to pass on here. Recently I have finished my Masters performance having studied in Barcelona. I have been teaching for around 20 years now and have been working as a guitarist for about the same time. I started by studying music at Trinity College of Music in London in 2000-2005 which seems like forever ago. I also love writing music and have recently finished a new set of music for quartet with me on electric and nylon string guitar. Check it out below, the band are killing! I am really super excited and looking forward to helping you develop your playing and music in a direction you are happy with.

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