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This set of studies is designed to develop your musicality through learning to play solo pieces.


As the course develops you learn how the pieces are constructed and how approach the songs for improvising on.


It shows you the advantages of being able to play the pieces solo before playing with a band or in trio or duo setting.


The emphasis is on understanding each piece at a deeper level so as to root you more firmly in the style and feel of each piece.

You can enter at any level though for those starting out on your guitar journey then book 1 is the place to start.


If you already have knowledge of some scales and can play some pieces then you can check out book 2. 

Book 1A - 33 Solo guitar studies

This book is designed to provide solo guitar pieces that are enjoyable to play and sound good on their own.

•Each piece is an original composition and has a particular element of playing that it focuses on.

•The video guides show you how to play the song

• PDF the score and tab plus useful guides to help learn and play the pieces. 

Book 1B - Solo guitar studies with analysis

• 33 solo guitar studies are broken down harmonically and analysed, 

•Helps to develop theoretical and rhythmic knowledge and understanding in tandem with the new music that you learn

•(This is an important are to understand if you want to develop your improvising skills as covered in book 2 B).

Book 2A

33 intermediate and upwards original solo guitar compositions.

•Each piece focuses a particular element of playing technique or style e.g.using a loop pedal, using a slide, percussive effects, odd-time signatures, swing, latin rhythms)

•Each piece is designed to be enjoyable to play and maximise the layout of the guitar for that particular level.

Book 2B

•Harmonically and rhythmically analyses the mini compositions from book 2A

•Contains parts and music with TAB for use playing in a band situaion with single line melodies for the guitar.

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