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Guitar and Hammock

Book 3A
35 Solo Studies - Upper Intermediate

This book features a lot of my Solo Guitar compositions and are generally slightly more tricky than Book 1 or 2. I break them down in the video lessons and all the PDF/ Tab is included. 

•Look at the use of loop pedals

•Odd time signature solo pieces

#02 Red

This solo piece 



I've written a solo arrangement of one of the pieces from my first Meerkat Parade album. This is quite challenging and this lesson looks at continually going back to the main clave or groove of the piece and internalising that whilst practising the piece.

#3 Blue

This piece is a ballad with a nostalgic feel to it. I wrote it exploring the Harmonic Major tonality. There's plenty of space in this one.

#4 Herzog

Time to dig out the slide for this one. It's in an open tuning covered in Book 1A and is a piece you learn to play the ostinato bass figure with the melody together

#5 Oink

This ballad written in 5/4 will help you to feel more comfortable playing in 5. 

#6 Orange

This is a great one to work on playing moving bass lines and melodies. It also really helps to develop your syncopation and awareness of how different parts fit together rhythmically. 

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