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Guitar and Hammock

Book 2A
33 Solo guitar studies Intermediate level

This book builds on the foundations of good technique, rhythm and musicianship worked on in Book 1 and looks at some new, more challenging solo studies as well as some Solo Guitar arrangements of some great pieces.

•The book introduces techniques such as walking bass, playing inner harmony parts, playing rubato, alternate tuning and slide guitar.

•Each composition or arrangement has a particular focus and can be worked into a programme of practise connecting and building from book 1A. 

•The video guides show you how to play the songs with a break down of sections.

• PDF the score and tab plus useful guides to help learn and play the pieces. 


Still Crazy After All These Years

This is my arrangement of the absolutely amazing composition by Paul Simon. The chord changes are magic. In this piece the focus is on playing the melody, bass and the inner voices, i.e. not just strumming all the notes in a G chord when you see the chord symbol but being more aware of each note and letting your ear know where the melody is within the chord.

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