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Lesson Library

Lesson Library


Solo Guitar (PDF, TAB & Notation, Video song, Audio) New each month

(With single line/ band scores option)


Ordered in order of difficulty and structured incrementally for gradual 10/ 20 min lessons

With the option to expand into theory and improvising


Level 1 : Grade 1 - 3 Pieces with optional theory/ chord Analysis


Level 2 : Grade 4-6 Pieces with theory and start on improvising


Level 3 : Grade 3-8 Pieces with concepts to work on (harmonic major/ cross-rhythms/ 5’s)


Still Crazy




Razors Edge


Grooves (PDF, TAB & Notation, Video song, Video lessons, Audio) new each month


James Brown 


Scofield- hand jive

Wah Wah Watson


Avni Bortnick

/ fat lip/ agogo/ 


Bossa nova


Samba- Reptile Clapton (Gadd)




John Mayor- don’t need no doctor


Swing - grant green comping patterns/Count Basie/ Kenny Burrell/ Wes/  kind of Blue/ Moanin/ 


Shuffle- Eddie Harris, SRV, 




Transcriptions ( 


Mating Call






Mating Call




Giblet Gravy


Uncle Junior


You’d be so nice to come home to


Eddie Harris


Mike Walker another EWE 


Fried Pies


Scofield/ Metheny the red one


Kurt - if I should lose you


What I'm doing:

Busking tour

New compositions

New thought of the day composing/ improvising/ practising





Other lessons


My compositions?/ Videos? Maybe instagram 

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