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Guitar and Hammock

Book 1A
33 Solo guitar studies 

This book is designed to provide solo guitar pieces that are enjoyable to play and sound good on their own.

•Each piece is an original composition and has a particular element of playing that it focuses on.

•The video guides show you how to play the song with a break down of sections.

• PDF the score and tab plus useful guides to help learn and play the pieces. 


Seven Hills

Seven Hills is great piece to learn to use the full range of the guitar from an early stage. It looks at developing the right-hand technique which is often neglected in guitarists earlier years. Have fun! Grade 2



This piece is a continuation of developing the right-hand technique. Your right hand in the guitar is just like your drumming hand. Grad 2/3

Playing like you are a drummer is a great  way to sound better. This piece starts to look at how right-hand tapping can help add the feel of a back beat to your playing. GRADE 3


Island Shores

#4 Sad Story

This piece looks at the blusier side of playing. It has an emphasis on how affective a strong bass line can sound in a solo piece. GRADE 2/3


Camp fire

This piece is a really full sounding pieces that incorporates some strumming and looks at Major 7th chord shapes. GRADE 3 or 4



This piece has flavours of Spain and has a particular focus on some right-hand fingerpicking patterns.

Grade 3/4


Palm Tree Feeling

Here we try to simulate that amazing African percussive  sound. There's an easy trick to getting the sound!

Grade 4


This piece sounds great on steel string guitar though also equally good on electric or nylon string guitars. Grade 4. 


Here we are focusing on melodic minor. This sound is used a lot in all different kinds of music. Charlie Parker, Bach and many more. This is an introduction to some chord shapes and movements that only use melodic minor. A good one to analyse!


There has to be at least one Blues piece in amongst! This piece is a good one for focusing on the swing shuffle feel. It has a few extra chord changes to add some spice.


Here we look at how important it is to keep your own pulse and how to do that, how to incorporate it into your own playing. It utilises voicings and melodies from the Mixolydian mode, the 5th mode of the major scale. 


This piece explores the Spanish Phrygian sound. 


This piece takes a look at incorporating tremelo playing with your right hand. 

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