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Nice'n'Full Solo Guitar
Book (PDF + Audio)

Book 2.jpg
  • 12 Original solo guitar pieces

  • MP3 lessons included

  • Suitable for beginner to intermediate 

  • Grade 2-Grade 6 Level

  • Useful tips on different aspects of musicianship for each piece

  • Mixed variety of styles/ feels 

  • Covers music theory, different approaches to learning rhythm and more.



Hi and welcome to Nice’n’Full Solo Guitar book.  This book is designed to give you a way of expanding your repertoire of solo pieces whilst simultaneously working on specific areas of musicianship. Each piece is full sounding on its own so can be performed or played just for pleasure. The compositions are of varying difficulty (Between grade 2 and grade 6 level). For the more advanced student, the easier pieces are still relevant as they focus on elements of musicianship that are applicable to all levels.  Included are 12 MP3 recordings of all the pieces to help you learn. The music covers a variety of different styles and feels. I hope you have a lot of fun learning and playing the pieces!





Below are some example pages:

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